A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 12 December 2014

Instagram Mini Swap

This is what I sent to Kelly (Kellyfairy on IG and Flickr, here is her blog)
I already showed you last week

The pattern of this miniquilt is by SewMamaSew and can be found here: part 1, part 2.
I quilted it just with diagonal lines.
The back is a sturdy fabric from IKEA with lots of logs on it.

What I got in return from someone else was way beyond my expectations

I received this beauty made by Amanda aka Weeshuttermonkey (her blog is here)

A big box with lots of Scottish goodies too!
I loved that Puffin from the moment I saw it on Instagram!

As if the beautiful bag is not a big present in itself!
I'm so delighted!

Thank you Amanda!

I'm still lost for words
(in my own special way)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Really, anything goes ... lots of catching up

Just thought I'd drop you a line, but in the mean time I'd like to know how you are?
Planning for the festive season probably.
Or like me (trying to) catching up on everything?

If you're here for the first time: 
take heed: 4 blog posts in 1 (lots of pictures)

Our oldest son had left home a few years ago, but now he has left the country too. In July he moved to Malta where the weather is always much nicer than here. He is a professional quilter (online) poker player. You never think of something like that what your child will do when he's grown up. He makes a good living and loves what he does.
He thought it was a stupid idea to make him a quilt as it's always hot in Malta, always ...
Stubborn as I am, I made him one anyway.
I thought I would be struggling quilting this big one, but that turned out to be nonsense. I used an easy pattern for every vertical block.

Pattern: Dreamweaver by Tula Pink
Fabrics: Art Gallery Fabrics: Oval and Nature Elements
Quilted with Madeira Cotton Nr 30 Sunrise (= orange, yellow and green)
Backing: Green from my LQS (Kona Zucchini lookalike)
Binding: Dark brown/red (like the dark red in the quilt)
Size: 64" x 84" (after washing it 61" x 79")

Next up was our niece who now is a Master of Arts after having studied Religion & Culture. She loves blue, so I made her a fast & easy quilt (in 3 days). I followed a tutorial by Quilting in the Rain (here) which involved quilting as you go, but my quilt was bigger.
I used my most precious flannel, the Dr. Seuss; and when it was finished I wrapped it up nicely.

Pattern can be found here
Fabrics: all Kaffe Fassett (from a desert roll) + Dr Seuss flannel
Size: 70"x55" (before washing)

Last Friday I sent this mini quilt off to the UK. It was made for a swap on Instagram, hosted by 
Sandy Greenberg. He was hoping to get 50 then set his target for 100 and he ended up with 500 (or thereabouts)
Pattern: Sewmamasew here, made mine a bit smaller (one of the rules was a size restriction).

Now I jumped on the wagon called the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.blogspot.com The first clue was last Friday, there will be 4 more clues.
This is my first time and I wonder if I can keep the pace. I'll do my best!
If you're still here, you made it to the end
Thank you for sticking with me!

I'll be linking up to Lynne @ Fresh Sewing Day and Bonnie @ Quiltville

Saturday, 13 September 2014

FQR 2014 London

I went to London and took with me:
the lovely name tag Bettina from Munich made me

I apologize for the picture of Bettina; I blame it on my iPhone (or my enthusiasm haste)

The name tag I made for Cara from Pink Stitches

My sewing table & my sewing machine (and my husband to carry it) and my supplies for all the classes

When I arrived at the venue a delivery man came with FIFTY, yes 50 Janome sewing machines (all new!).

We all got a goodie bag full of useful stuff (lots of fabric!):

We all met inspirational teachers

top left: Thomas Knauer (a picture I robbed from Cara), top right: Amy Ellis,
bottom left: me + Trudy Wood; bottom right: Brioni Greenberg
We all made new friends and met old ones:

 Here are all the Dutchies:

I had the biggest laugh of all when Jack (Lynne's son & one of the assistants with his best mate Jack) photobombed my selfie with Brioni

And only afterwards I realized I'd made a lot of pictures with me aka selfies with others...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A laptop bag with a pocket

I have a lot of catching up to do with you, so here's one of my makes during the summer.

My youngest daughter has a laptop and the case that was very much worn. So she needed a new one, would I make her one? She would also need to have room for the battery charger and other 'stuff'.
I decided to make it a quilt-as-you-go project: very easy. I pieced different sized pieces of fabric  together on a piece of batting and then cut it to the size of her lap top.

You can see the 'stuff'  ...
I also attached a key holder, which you can detach from the bag: handy!
The inside is minky left overs from a quilt (the beast) : nice and soft.
It doesn't have a closure/zipper of fastener, because she always puts it in her huge handbag anyway.


She's very happy with it and then, so am I.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Block of the month September for ESTB

This year I'm kicking off in the Euro Siblings Together Bee!
All instructions for my block can be found here.
But as that block is all in green and cream and I'd like to receive them in whites and/or neutrals + light & dark (er) blues, here's my version of this 12" block

What you need:
4 light blue pieces of fabric measuring 3.5" x 6.5"
4 dark blue pieces of fabric measuring 3.5" x 6.5"
16 white/neutral 3.5" squares (of fabric)

Sew each square to a blue strip and not like me (above) just on one end ...
I was halfway here.
I have a special request: please sew twice:

  1. from corner to corner
  2. the other sewing line half an inch to the left or right, towards the bit you'll be cutting off. This will give you (or me) an extra 16 squares of 2" (1.5" finished).
Would you like to send them to me too?
Don't worry about their size: I have a fabulous Block-o-lock template of 2" and I will cut them all to size.

And I like watching/listening to my favorite quiz during (boring) work ...
(in case you're wondering, it's Pointless).

Please iron to the dark blue side but not to the light blue side. Otherwise the pieces will not nest together at the next sewing step:
dark blue: iron seam to the dark
light blue: iron to the white/neutral

Here I'm cutting that extra half square triangle off

Here they are all together: seems a pity to waste them even though they're small. If you'll send them all (192 squares0)to me I can either use them on the back or start on another Siblings Together quilt. 

And this is my block all sew together, finishing at 12.5" exactly!
The only thing to watch when sewing these together, is the placing of the blues so they'll match.

I'm not a fast sewer and it took me about 90 minutes to make this block (I have all sorts of distractions).

Hope you'll have fun making them.
I'm looking forward to receiving your blocks!

Friday, 29 August 2014

No migraines and sewing

The last months I have done more sewing, because I've been feeling a lot better!
Since a month I have different medication, no extra pills: THE pill.
I've learned that my migraines are caused by a dip in the estrogen level in my body. This level drops 3 times a month. With the pill the estrogen levels stay the same; after 21 days I have to stick a special band aid on my back which emits estrogen. I'm really hoping it stays as good as it has been this first month!!

In the mean time I have been able to sew!
A baby quilt for Jens which is giving me a hard time just ironing it!
I think I'll just quit the diagonal lines: in the ditch and in between those).
The pattern can be found here
The fabrics are nearly all from Backstitch: Hurricane Sea bundle and I might have added some other greens.

Added at a later date (29th August):
One of the side effects of the pill is that your blood is thicker.
Unfortunately I noticed this at the end of June because I had difficulty breathing and was taken to hospital (in an ambulance!) with a lung embolism. After 3 days I could go home.
I'm fine now and have no more difficulties breathing (at all) and stopped taking the pill, of course.

I still haven't finished this quilt, though.
Oh well ...