Monday, 14 April 2014

A silly entry?

Yes, I'm back with something silly
Sometimes you I did it again: I entered a sort of competition to win tea with a celebrity!

It's of course David, the policeman from the Great British Sewing Bee.
Now I couldn't sleep this morning because I kept thinking of all the arrangements I would have to make if I'd win! Drive down there by care I suppose.
A pity though, because David lives in Surrey, which is closer to the continent than Wales.
Hope I don't win!

But you can!
Go to Abakhans Facebook page, like it and share this message!
(There's a lot of information to be found on sewing, fabrics and lots of tutorials here.)

Good luck to you!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

What to choose?

At the moment there are so many wonderful quilt alongs going on.

Economy QA
I was so tempted by Rita RedPepper to make these wonderful Economy blocks which finish at 5.5"; tutorial here
Amandajean Crazymom also stepped in and made a bigger block which finishes at 8.625", tute here.
And I also heard Katy imagingermonkey stepped in to make an even bigger block which finishes at 12", tute here.
I also found more size options at 'athousandneedles' if you'd like to start with a 2.5" or 5" center.
I'm tempted to step in with Amandajean, but I don't have the time (so many WiPs) and I tried one block
(used a purple non-cotton something = wrong)

At Craftbuds there's one going on: if you make something before February 14 you could win great prizes. The block is from the book 'Modern Bee, 13 quilts to make with friends' by Lindsay Conner
A tutorial is here and this block is really versatile. Take a look at what others made of it!
This looks like a very fast and easy quilt, which is what I love.

This is what Darcy of made
The last one I found and want to share with you is the Mod Olives QA by Jenny of sewkindofwonderful. Start of the QA was February 1 and it'll continue for 6 weeks.
For me this would be a bit of a challenge (sewing curves) but not impossible. I love this block!
Tutorial here.

This picture is from Jenny's blog

In the meantime I know exactly what to choose: my WiPs are killing me (not really).
I've got 2 waiting to be basted & quilted, one I will make of the Craftbuds pattern in grey and pink.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment (tutorial here) :
picture from the scrapbook blog
I'll show you mine once it's pieced together.

Have a great time sewing or otherwise!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

A weekend in London

I look forward to seeing other bloggers and learning about quilting in and out of the classes this summer at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London!
Yeay, I've got a ticket!!

My husband told me to buy one as soon as was possible and I immediately obeyed his orders.

Want one too? Then go here
I'd love to see you, get to know you (better).

Our hotel from last time was very noisy with walls made of cardboard or was is just those Polish girls having a ball? Anyway, for the same amount as a hotelroom for a few nights, we now have an apartment just around the corner!
If that's what you want too, go to AIRBNB. This link takes you to BNBs in London.

I will have to take enough pills, what! I'll take them just before I leave so all I can do in London is


Saturday, 18 January 2014

The End of my Hibernation

It's about time I woke up from my hibernation, which was great!
There was a lot of relaxing time over Christmas with children after we celebrated Sinterklaas (wiki info) of course.
So now the new year has started and again I have so much going on in my head; it's like total chaos quilting patterns and ideas. I'm sure you'll recognize this.
I read somewhere in a blog that the writer hadn't made any New Year's resolutions, but just one word for the whole year. For me that word is

not a picture to look at for a long time if you're migraine prone ...

I did not finished one quilt last year, which is absolutely abominable; fortunately it's easily solved by finishing the ones which are nearly done anyway! So you'll see them soon enough.

The good news for this year is that I have already bought my ticket for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London in July this year. I'm very pleased with that!

One of the things that has kept me busy during my hibernation was buying old Singer sewing machines. I thought only crazy people did that, but it turns out I'm one of them now.
I'll show you more in the future.

And if you're still here, I do appreciate you reading this!
Comment if you like.
And I still feel flattered when people want to read what I write.
So please forgive the breaks I take ...
My aim for this year is at least one post a week (starting from now)

Have a great time sewing or otherwise!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Danger: song (that stays in your head)

Perhaps you've seen videos of people trying to outrun a train by ignoring all the signs and sounds at railway crossings. There are a number of campaign about that all over the world.

This video I had to share with you is from Metro in Melbourne, Australia and it's so silly!
And the song stays with you all day (if you play it a lot like me)

I hope you liked it as much as I do.
Don't do anything stupid!

Friday, 8 November 2013

A finish (about time, too!)

Yes, I'm a slow quilter, sewer. Yes, I'm easily distracted.
But when it's finished I'm so happy!

As I have no helpers in the house the pictures are less than perfect. 
Now on to the quilting which will be in straight (or organic ...) lines.
pattern = strips and bricks by Malka Dubrawski

On to the next project: I've already cut the fabric for the St. Louis quilt along, to which I finally succumbed.

But I don't know which one to start first:
St. Louis (this one)

or Maureen Cracknell's Herringbone (with easy tutorial)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A gift from Leila's sponsors

I haven't entered as much giveaways as when I first started blogging; I must be getting picky ...
On reading Leila's blog on the final stop on the Zakka Sew Along I thought I'd give it a go.
And I won the biggest prize of them all!!

Beautiful fabric (I love green) and super crazy stickers!!! All from Form & Fabric.
And Aurifil thread: all the different kinds they've got in beautiful colors.

I've already got a great weekend; hope you'll have that too!