A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Amsterdam & mini quilts

Last week I visited a dear old friend in Amsterdam and we had a real good chinwag.
We hadn't seen each other in 10 years?
When I saw her she looked older than I remembered her: how unexpected!
I haven't aged at all (I wish!)

She showed my around her neighbourhood and it was very nice.
Considering I live in a sparsely populated area as shown in this picture:
the view from our bedroom window
We cycled around her patch and at every corner there were different kind of houses or appartment blocks.
How about this for example:
Houses with stainless steel facades! 

Later that day I went on to an exhibition of mini quilts up North:


the creepy copse


detail of the dragon

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Every time I hear this song I'm reduced to tears.
It was one of my dad's favourites.
He died 8 years ago, but it still hurts.
I've always been closer to my dad than to my mum, whom I haven't spoken for 6 years.
Wow, a lot of confessions ...
(I hope you can take all that.)

Anyway, here's the song:
No violins this time, but:   What a Wonderful Face!

As far as Wip's concerned: still the same.
Probably because I've had another allergy 'attack'.
It's getting better, really!
Tomorrow I hope I'll know what caused it all, for my back is covered in sticky tape with 'stuff' underneath.

Today a beautiful new building was opened unofficially and I think it's one of the most beautiful buildings of Groningen: (if not THE ...)
Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One finished and other Wip's

What I've been working on last week was SUCH fun. It really felt as if I was really young again:
I was five, attending Kindergarten. I remember I had to take up somebody else's work at hand!
I was shocked! It doesn't show, though.
Anyway I made this:
tutorial here
At first I thought it would look stupid, but once finished it really looks great.
rounded corners this time, easy peasy
And the colours are really good, too. It was the first ever Jelly Roll I bought, a batik one, can't remeber the name now. It contained no bright colours at all, so I thought it would be perfect for a doormat.
No way!
For my other Works In Progress:

measure and ...
first block finished
More and more plans, in betweens (pressies, shhh)
(this will be the pressie)
a try-out for a landscape quilt

and at night I lie awake and think about how to make it all more perfect (should I  ... or not?) or which designs I should choose for which fabric.
Busy, busy, busy ...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Alive and kicking!

Very, very healthy again and I'm so grateful it's under control!

Now back to work: so many works in progress to choose from. Or others to be started ...
No, I'll have to finish two first: my Christmas Quilt, which I can now quilt as my sewing table has arrived.
The sewing machine is lowered in the table so the worktop is at the same height as the table top. It's so simple and my arms, shoulders and back really love it (too)!
When that's done, I'll show it to you.

The other one to finish is the postage stamp (quilt along)
I'm not very good at sewing: I make some pretty basic errors.
Why is it that I never hear of others who make these (stupid) mistakes.
Take a look here:
And I'm not going to explain my mistake ...
But I'm sure once it's finished, it'll look great! I just love all the colours (of the rainbow).
I'll keep you posted!