A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I won, I won!

Today I received a small package from the UK: I had ordered something from Crafts and Quilts of Southport. I found their name on a page of http://veryberryhandmade.co.uk : a big list of UK fabric shops. I had a look around those shops and ordered these:

32 charm squares a packet of 6 different fabrics: I love 'm!
All orange and yellow, they're called: Oranges & Lemons. Might also be a good name for a quilt too.

Now what did I win?
Well, this:  the kind people of Crafts and Quilts send me something extra:
I know it's all part of customer relations, but it's nice, isn't it? I like it.
 As for now I have to get a move on quilting this baby:
Yes, that's his name!
His parents are so proud!
I just have to finish quilting and binding it and then we can go and see him.

As for our own doggie baby:

Angus got himself a friend as of this morning. We had to separate them for they couldn't stop playing. That is once Angus knew what to do ...
But we couldn't keep them apart.

Have a great week sewing or whatever your plans are.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Resolved, certainly!!

VeryBerryHandmade certainly is resolved to sew, and perhaps set an example to some of us?
She has a ton of prizes if you enter her competition. Bloggers even have two chances.
So that's the second great point of her resolution.
Which has become mine and at least 200 others now too.
I have a few unfinished projects, but let's call them work in progress, because they are!

I am resolved to sew!
Resolved to sew more than in 2011.
My migraines are getting less annoying, they might even leave me in peace this year!
I just want to have made more at the end of the year, which I'm sure I can manage. I already have 7 quilts nearly ready, on the way or cut all the fabric for it.
Just way too many ideas in my head, that's hard to cope sometimes.
Perhaps that has been causing my headaches! LOL
No seriously, I'll be fine and I'll have to continue sewing now.

No, first I have to go to a shop to buy fabric for another charm swap, this time organised by Strawberry Patch. It's called Somewhere over the Rainbow Charm Swap.
And I'm already late.

No, no, I have to tell you something I forgot the last few times:
We, Dutch quilters, have a Modern Quilt Guild of our own!!
And as a Dutch quilter you can take part in the challenge themed: something old, something new ....
Perhaps another project?
Oh, those ideas ... my poor head ...

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Made in Cherry Qal at P&B

Chelsea from Pins & Bobbins has started cutting her fabric for the quiltalong Made in Cherry.
I'm not going to do any cutting yet as I'll be using charm packs: Martha Negley's Autumn Medley.
Not fitting for the time of year, because yesterday in a copse nearby it was spring. This morning everything was white and the grass made a noise when you stepped on it like it was cracking.
But by the time I'm finished with this one it'll be autumn ...
Here's my fabric:
I have not yet decided on the background.

Dorothy took a different approach, sensible even! She's made the quilt using 1" squares and it looks lovely. Take a look here.

Today veryberryhandmade a great giveaway will start. She hasn't posted any real details yet, but it sounds very promising. Hop on over.

Now I have to feed Angus (the dog) and take him out for a walk.
I must have lost some weight by now!!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

There's a buzz in quiltblogland!

There's so much going on right now and I want to join in the fun too!
I heard about the Finish Along hosted by Quilter in the Gap, but I was too busy with Angus (the pup) to notice and now it's too late to join, but not too late to finish my UFO's and other ongoing projects.

Then there are several quiltalongs:
Sew Happ Quilt
Sparkle Punch Qal (I'm so tempted, I love this one)
Scrap Attack Qal
Bargello Tablerunner/placemat Qal
And of course this one Made in Cherry Qal
There are so many many more ...
I can't keep up.

But I could really cry my eyes out when I read I was too late for anohter swap at Strawberry Patch, now a rainbow charm swap. And I wasn't the only cry-baby!
So Emily wants to start another rainbow charm swap if we can find more people to join in.
So PLEASE go over to Strawberry Patch and sign on for this swap: it's great, it's fun and you'll be sooo much rewarded when you'll receive your package in the post with all those rainbow colours.
All the details are here.

I really have to get a move on making Japanese + and x blocks now! I'll have to make at least 10 and send them up to IsabellatheCat (in the UK) before February 18th, so I'll have to send them the 13th at the very lastest.

Which Qal or swap have you joined?

Have a great week!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year to you: 
may all your wishes come true!
Or as my husband said: 
Let dreams be recipes and 2012 will be cooking!

And here's my biggest New Year's Resolution:
Lose weight by excercising more

Which is one of the reasons this fellow came to us:

Isn't he sweet?
He's a Scotch Collie, nearly 4 months old, shy but interested, intelligent and perceptive. 
Like he's only touched the Christmas tree once or twice. 
We bought him on the last day of last year and we've named him Angus, a good Scottish name (I hope).

That was my BIG surpise.
Sorry for dissapointing anyone but I'm not pregnant! LOL I'll turn 50 this year!

So little sewing here this week, I'll just have to see how he'll settle in.
I hope you'll have a great week!