A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Thank you very much for voting!
I've chosen the first one, like most of you have.
And I have been in bed and on the couch again, so not much sewing has been done ...
Today I will finish the top and I 'll show it, once it's done.

What I could admire were the birds in our garden.
I have taken photos but I don't know whether you can recognize any bird at all.

pheasant right bottom
blue tit 
blue tit


The pheasant was nearly gone when I had my camera ready and he was fast (but so was I).
The blue tits are the only ones eating so near the window, the others daren't.
And the sparrowhawk was a real treat! He (or she) just sat in the grass not 2 feet from our house. He had a snoop around, a rest on the magnolia and then flew away.

Last year we sat in the garden looking at the house martins flying round when all of a sudden, we heard a swooshing sound and saw a big bird lunging right next to us (3 to 4 feet from us). We didn't know what had happened. The house martings were all fluttering, screaming: it looked like the flock were in a panic.
We then saw that the sparrowhawk (the big bird) snapped one of the house martins in flight and flew away with his catch. The rest of the flock were in shock! It took them about 10 minutes to recover ....

Have fun today whatever you're doing!


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  1. thank you for joining in my quilt a long- I have added you to the blog roll of quilters! Blue tits are very cheeky- I often see them on our cork screw hazel in our tiny garden