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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 13 June 2011

The Farmer's Wife and bottles & waves

I'm so excited about this: I signed up for a quilt a long doing The Farmer's Wife and not in those dreadful     fabric colours most Americans love, but in bright colours and of modern fabric.
Two blocks a week!
This is week two and I am already behind!

But here's why:

Over a year ago I bought a template. This was meant for a quilt for our eldest daughter, sailing in the Navy.
It had to be blue, was her wish.
So when we found this template of a bottle, we were excited! My husband has great faith in me, so we bought it. It's a bottle but when you put a lot together, they look like waves.
I've been dreading that day when I would have to start on this quilt.
The fabrics I've had for over 6 months ...
So now that she has a new home (away from home) I decided I couldn't put it off any longer: START ON THE DARN THING!
So I did.
First cutting all the bottels (375)
And now I'm working on it.
No, I struggleing, fighting!
This is what I practised on a few weeks ago and it looks OK from here

Cutting all the fabrics and counting light and dark ones and then mixing them all up as to sew at random.
This is the result.

It all looks great from a distance, but the bottles are moving: they end up lower every time I sew one on.
First I've sewn them in twos, and then those together so I could see what one row of the quilt would look like.

Perhaps I should do it all by hand?
Perhaps I should stop moaning and work on?
Perhaps I should start using pins?
Once I saw this video, I've only been working on curves this way: it's great and it's fast.

But not yet perfect.

So that's the challenge of this week!
I'll let you know what my progress is next week!

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  1. Jippie!!! Ik ben heel erg benieuwd naar het resultaat! Snel langs komen hoor, in ons huisje!
    liefs x