A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 1 July 2013

Rotterdam + a finished top

My best (lady) friend lives in the North of the Netherlands and works in Rotterdam, only a 250 km commute every day. That's why she has an appartment in Rotterdam, clever girl.
She's on holiday in Sweden at the moment and we could stay in her appartment; we chose to do so in a weekend.
There is so much to see in Rotterdam! I'm sorry but I'm only a country girl in a big city!

a beautiful mosque
(Essalam mosque)
a beautiful bridge
(Erasmus Bridge)
New land (reclaimed from the sea)  for a bigger Port of Rotterdam in a sandstorm
More about Rotterdam next time, now more about quilting!
I finished the top of my mums quilt, but now to the next question: how should I quilt it?? Help needed!

I just might quilt the CluckCluckSew flowers (here) or just straight lines (diagonally?) or circles?
Undecided as yet.
Have you got any ideas?

As of today you'll all know that Google Reader has deceased. I suppose many people might have rearranged the blogs they're following. 
That's why I'm linking up with Lynne at the Small Blog Meet.
31 of you are following me via Bloglovin.
Feedly: at least one follower.

So come and join me if you like my ramblings, pictures and quilts!


  1. Love the star quilt. I am no help in the quilting department as I quilt everything with straight lines and love it.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful - the stars are sparkling!

  3. Well done on the quilt top! GFC hasn't gone btw :o)

  4. Looking good Betty! Glad you had fun in the big city!

  5. Nice quilt. It's so happy!