A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Beast is done!

Well finally!
After (at least) 2 weeks of battling with this quilt it is finished.
I'm happy with the result and what I've learned is that I will not use stretchy stuff as backing!

After unpicking stitches so many times because it was stretched too much on the back I am so happy this one is done!

Size: 60" x 60"
Made of fragments of men's shirts (blues), an old dress (red) and an old curtain (white), all cut in 1.5" strips.
Backing is a fleece blanket from IKEA.
Red border and binding is from IKEA too.

And this is what my machine looked like:
That's when cleaning is FUN!

I did not allow myself to start of continue anything else, for I was so afraid I would abandon this project. So no I CAN!

Have fun sewing and quilting or whatever you're going to do!


  1. Love it - and I really love that the panel is proper recycling too!

  2. Cleaning is much more fun when things are good and dirty and you can tell you are making progress.

    Congratulaitons ln the finish.

  3. It is beautiful, I was wondering what you were doing not posting :) I can see now! Happy cleaning!

  4. Wow, Betty, your quilt looks great! I know what you mean when you talk about stretching backings. It seems like I can't even handle non-stretchy backings :o/ And I admit that I never opend my sewing machine the way you did. I guess it's time to have a look :o)

  5. Woot, well done for conquering it, it looks fab :o)

  6. Woohoo you did it! And it looks great! It will be so soft and snuggly - the fleece is a pain in the butt to handle but it walks all over pure cotton quilts for comfort. Well done!

  7. It looks great but I think you're right - no more stretchy fabric for backings!

  8. the quilt is so, so gorgeous, it is really wonderful!!!!!