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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 13 September 2013

Rotterdam (2) by bicycle

Very ehh original architecture, if you like, you can read more about these quaint houses here.
If you live in one of these a lot of your furniture would have to be bespoke because of the odd shapes on the inside too. Not my cup of tea.
Inside the museum  of  Dutch Architecture

This is the SS Rotterdam which took a lot of emigrĂ©s to the USA after WWII. 

It will now be made into a luxury hotel by the same owners of this hotel and I mean the old one in the front with the clock tower. 
A lovely garden was made at the spot where so many people said goodbye to each other; people did not count on seeing each other again in this life. 

And of course there was a lot of luggage left (that always seems to happen ...) but now it's a work of art. (I can see a nice Samsonite ... and a modern one on wheels)And of course we did a bit of shopping too and being by bicycle it was so easy to park!! I loved those socks and the Mister nearly bought these, but he didn't need three.

And he didn't like shopping and I don't blame him.
(haven't got a clue who he is; like his socks though)


  1. That architecture is, um, interesting. Yes, we'll go with that, interesting... ;o)

  2. Very intriguing architecture! When my mum left England after marrying my Australian dad, she didn't know if she would ever seen her parents again. The band played "Now is the Hour" as the ship pulled away and mum can't stand that song now! Her parents emigrated to Australia a year later so there is a happy ending!

  3. Great and thought provoking pictures. overall it looks like a great day :) I don't like the houses either, though they are interesting. It feels like a box of Legos just falling over and I can't help but wanting to stop them :)

  4. well I have never seen anything like these houses before,so different and look as though they could topple over at any minute, the boxes on the top look so out of proportion somehow, I don`t know what will they come up with next