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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rotterdam (third and last)

Then we went on the water bus (with our bikes) to go to Dordrecht (and cycling back to Rotterdam). Dordrecht is a really old town. Lots of old and crooked buildings. 
It was only then I realised that the old stuff was all bombed when my country was invaded in may 1940. My granny's three brothers died in those 5 days, two near Rotterdam.
As we were nearing Dordrecht we saw this and we remembered the man who'd been in the news: he built the Ark of Noah:
Strange to see a huge thing like this ... 
And you can go an visit it too, but that was only because the man who built it, ran out of money. And then he couldn't open to the public because he didn't have enough or the right kind of emergency exits.
All this is sorted now and he can (or already has) finished his ship.

And then we saw a beautiful small boat: a salmon fisher boat from Woudrichem (upstream from Dordrecht). Apparently there used to be salmon in these waters ...  Not any more ...
(the boat on the left, of course)

Dordrecht is a small, old town an far more lovely than I'd expected.

There were many crooked houses but how can you show on a photograph? Well, I think this one is very obvious

Then on to the church, well we passed it and it was open. And so beautiful.
It was built after the Reformation so as a protestant church. The old church was destroyed (partly?) by fire before the Reformation started.
Here the vicar would have his congregation almost around him in a circle; beautifully designed.
The organ was leaning toward the right, perhaps difficult to see here.

And here's a design for free motion quilting for a a very proficient quilter

Here's a beautifully decorated tombstone, the kind you can fall over if you're not careful.
The dead were buried in (the very rich) and around the church until Napoleon told us to do it differently. 
(and we did, because we're such obedient a people ...)
We cycled back to Rotterdam in blazing sunshine!
Next time it's back to quilting



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, one day we might visit here.

  2. Great photos, especially the ark!

  3. Interesting tour! I think Colorado could use that ark about now...

    BTW it's congregation not segregation ;o)

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful tour.

  5. What a gorgeous tour, and I love the ark. A good dose of crazy always makes a trip fun!
    Glad you had a great time and hope you have some more fun quilting.