A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

More temptation!

With Ingrid I went to a lecture on colour by a (in some parts) well known Dutch quilter: Lies Bos.
She designs and makes her own quilts of which some are really stunning (have a look at her site here and click on the Union Jack).
87 ladies had gathered to hear her speak, all enthusiastic.
One of the first things she said was: 
"Light is electromagnetic radiation"
And all energy seemed to drain away from the group ...

True, but we didn't come to hear her speak about technicalities.
Maybe it was because the sound system with microphone was not what it should have been.
Or maybe it was just me ...
stuck on a card, this is my result

After 20 minutes of technicalities about sunlight, colour blindness and brains that make their own interpretation, we moved on to more interesting things. 

We learned (more) about hues when we all could do something. 
We'd all done our homework: bring 10 bits of 2 x 2 cm 
(= 0.75 ") in different hues (10 light, 10 medium light, 10 medium, 10 medium dark, 10 dark). These were collected when we entered the building. Each table got a handful and we had to put 49 pieces in 7 rows: no system, just put them down orderly.
Then you'd have to pick the lightest and put it above them all.
Then pick the next lightest, and so on.
Until you'd done them all and put them in an orderly fashion again. 
Lies told us she'd made a quilt like this from 11,000 pieces of fabric!

I really like this proces and you can use anything you want for it: ugly and unwanted pieces too.
At home I made more with 2.5"pieces.

Left: starting with ordered chaos.
Centre: top left is the lightest, then I made rows and all rows begin on the left.
Right: picture in black and white so you can see all hues. I was pleased

For a moment I was afraie I couldn't stop ...

What can you do with these blocks?
Make a quilt of course; that might look something like this

I might try this!
Perhaps this could even be a HAND made quilt: 49 bits to tag along. 
(it might be wise to number each square then)

What do you think?


  1. When I first began quilting a few years ago I didn't get the 'hue' thing but as time progresses it adds another (and very imprtant) element into quilting. It's one of those things that are difficult to learn on the web - to really see and understand it it must have been great attending the course :)

  2. Phew, I think it could be a lot of work! But boy, it makes an impact.
    I love the whole organising-by-hue thing, it really appeals to my eyes. And of course how you choose to place your colours can make such a difference to a pattern. It can make or break it, I'd say.
    Sounds like it was an interesting course (bar the intro :) and gave you plenty to think about.

  3. I think this would be a long term project, but well worth it.

  4. Wow, een project met de hand? Sterkte!
    2,5" is wel met de machine te doen. Foto ernaast houden, hoef je niks te nummeren.