A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Open European Quilt Championships 2013

Last weekend I went to Veldhoven to see many many beautiful quilts at the Open European Quilting Championships 2013. Lots of inspiration to be had and lots of stuff you can buy. 
There was even a Norwegian lady selling a (stunning!!) long arm quilting machine: ahhhhhh.
I shot some pictures, but not nearly as many as last year ...
There were a lot with a Berlin theme.
The funny thing was about the quilt at bottom right: I could only see the letters standing from a distance (or when I saw the quilt in the catalogue)

This was my favourite, front and back:
(a bear is in the coat of arms of the city)

Here is a quilt with a few detail pictures; it's made of old damask table cloths and crocheted/knitted pieces that look like a lace doily (yes, I looked that one up).

I'm sure you all know this man, but have you ever seen the back of him?

Ineke Poort made this art quilt which is called "Transparant" and is made of polyester tea bags.
I love it!
It looks like a big origami wrap.

I'm not the only one blogging about this (duh) : Esther at ipatchandquilt posted about it twice: 
part one and part two with beautiful photographs.
And you can see all quilts here on Flickr: 
make yourself a cup of coffee or tea first if you want to see all 522 pictures.

have fun!


  1. Hallo Betty!
    Wat leuk dat je ook naar deze tentoonstelling bent geweest! Ik vond het erg bijzonder allemaal!!!
    Bedankt voor de link naar mijn blog,

  2. Looks like a lot of fun and interesting quilts :o)

  3. thank you Betty for sharing these wonderful quilts with us. will now put the kettle on and make the coffee so I can browse the 522 quilts you are sharing