A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tour NL

Hi all,

Yesterday we did a tour through nearly the whole of the Netherlands ...
We started in Peize, of course, and left for Leeuwarden to drop off Irene and some of her stuff (wardrobe + desk chair).
At 12.00 DH had a meeting in Alkmaar and at 14.00 one in Amsterdam.
I had a look around in Bergen aan Zee, where there is a high percentage of SUV's: Range Rovers gallore! (a.k.a. city tractors)
En route we saw this funny sign:

If there wouldn't have been dikes, we would have had to drive through 4,8 meters of water ... impossible!
A beautiful an HUGE snowman said hello:

All the while I could finish by hand what I had made for may mum&dad-inlaw:

2 Chrismas placemats and on the back I've (machine) embroidered the prayer my dad-in law always says before they start their evening meal.
They were very happy with it.
Eindhoven was lovely and really the city of lights. Unfortunately only one picture came up well; and a beauty it is:

We arrived at home at 23.20 ... and knackered we were (well I was!).


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