A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 15 August 2011

Orange, Rosa, Blue

Once upon a time ... the queen of the swamp (our lawn is so soggy) had an idea: 
let's make a quilt for Rosa:
As she's in the navy, riding the waves (not a the moment,but still), let's  make this a quilt with lots of waves! Or bottles, it depends on your view:

Unfortunately, the queen of the swamp didn't manage to put her theory to practise, so she thought of something else: another design which would be (much) easier!
Rosa only had one wish: she wanted anchors on it.

A beautiful set of (12 green and blue) fat quarters of Kaufmann Batiks were waiting to be transformed into a quilt.  So the QofS started working, in secret.

In spite of many setbacks later .... she finished the quilt.

stained glass or Pojagi
blogged about this
Actually, at our local second hand shop I found this (shynthetic) duvet cover.
It's one from the Navy; how it got there I don't know ...
I will never use synthetics again, EVER
washed & tumble dried; pattern here

I chose a blue and green batik for binding.

So glad it's (finally!) finished.
We gave it to Rosa yesterday evening and she was pleased.
And very surprised about the duvet cover.
My husband thought of the name: Orange, Rosa, Blue
Orange: the colour of our royal family
Rosa: in the middle
Blue: one of the colours of the sea.

At the same time somewhere else in the garden of the Swamp:  the while our hydrangeas (Lime Green) are so beautiful and smell lovely!

And our pond is nearly overflowing; well, we've still got 40 to 50 cm left before that cup runneth over ...


  1. The quilt is beautiful! I especially love the "stained glass" picture!

  2. Lovely quilt; I'm glad Rosa like it.

    What will you do with the "bottle" blocks?

  3. I love the stained glass effect - I get that when I hang my quilt tops on the washing line. Sad we lose it when we layer them up but not much use that way! Love all that orange!

  4. Beautiful quilt. Beautiful flowers.

    Texas is going through a drought. It doesn't effect me terribly much, but I had forgotten how lush and green things look when it is wet.

    Thanks for sharing the view!