A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 5 August 2011

A tour of the campus

Yesterday we went to Enschede to see the campus.
Twente University (in Enschede) is the only one in the Netherlands where students actually are accomodated in the same compound as the university buildings. It's not that big: 2 square kilometres and there are lots of really old trees: the site used to be part of an estate. It's beautiful!
There are 9000 students mainly for technical studies.
Our eldest son is admitted there to study psychology.
Not his first choice to go here, but he really liked it.
He wanted to stay in Groningen or else move to Amsterdam: which student wouldn't?

We had a tour around the compound and everything was explained to us.
Our tour guide was a student who showed us everything in his own spare time!
In the end he took us to the highest building (where you can see for miles and miles).
Here you can see a 3D animation of the whole surroundings.
There is a road in the middle: from left to right (and v.v.); the part below the road is the actual compound.

I found something I could laugh about on something that is used in building, something to store a wire/tube of some sort.
But the I'd have to explain something first, you may already have seen it. It's a daft couple designing like mad: they can be seen here
And then I can show you what I found:
Technically not the same, but it made me laugh.

Now just some odd bits and pieces:

  • Next Tuesday my machine will be repaired: he wasn't on holiday but (still) very busy. I'm so happy!
  • And go here to read about a lovely initiative to get more people into quilting; it's also for (more) experienced quilters. And there will be so many giveaways the next 3 months. I already loved orange, but now even more.
  • Go! here to buy a Go! cutter for less.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh that is too funny! Sounds like we've been up to the same sorts of things....good luck to your son.

  2. We did the uni visits a couple of years ago with our daughter. Like your son, it wasn't her first choice and she was initially a little disappointed but it's all turned out very well. Sometimes I think some things are just meant to be,

  3. Yeah, I've seen this hillarious video before. It's great. Hope university will be a great experiance for you son!

  4. Ah, the bittersweet moment of a child leaving home. Wishing you all the best as you adjust!