A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 5 December 2011

I want to thank my husband, my family, snif, sob ...

Just kiddin'
Sandra over at Sana Saroti has a very nice blog (don't you love those cherries in the URL!) thought I should have this award:

for which I'm grateful, thankful and joyful!
No really, it's nice when somebody else likes what you do.
(It's very Dutch (for the Northerners anyway) to deny this)

Thank you very much Sandra!! I'm very pleased with the award.
She asked me to share seven things about me, so here we go:

  1. I have a thing about pens, then handbags and now I can add fabric to that list; yes, I'm somewhat a hoarder ...
  2. I'm an incredible easy crier: a film, a song, certain music, a baby's smile (even now, just thinking about it).
  3. I LOVE not having to work any longer; not being part of that great big (bad) world, but don't think I'm anywhere near a recluse! I love being with friends and having a great old chinwag.
  4. I'd like to have a dog or cat again, but the Mister's favourite animal is a dead one, on his plate, á pointe.
  5. I always thought of myself as Mrs Gadget (no, not to the inspector): I love gadgets, anything with buttons and settings. But now I find I'm not always at friendly terms with Blogger or Google Reader ...
  6. I loved driving my convertible car: like driving a motorcycle (loved that, too) but in a really safe way. My car was wrecked in a minor accident, no-one was hurt (blogged). Maybe someday ...
  7. I am absolutely potty about anything English; I love the country, been to a few parts of it, love the language, the politeness of most of the people. Always have been.In the Netherlands there's an expression for 'those kind of people' : being more catholic than the Pope. There are some exceptions to that rule, though, like soccer, rugby, Bingo, Bob Monkhouse, Midsummer Murders (= overdone) and The Sun (paper) to name but a few.
Now for the most difficult part: I have to forward this award to 15 other bloggers: I might have to ponder about that. But I'll come back on it and let you know who I chose.

What I saw when I opened my blog is that I have 45 followers by now.
Thank you all for joining! I hope to keep you all entertained.

Now just a bit of the everyday stuff. I had a great day sewing yesterday. I decided to join in on the fun at catpatches to 'occupy your sewing room for a day' this week. Read all about it here and join in!
Unfortunately I was out of quilting thread yesterday. I decided to go ahead with the quilt for my Danish friend Annie; and I'm nearly halfway piecing it!

And decided to make a quilt for a former colleague & (not former) friend Karin who's moving to the UK to marry the love of her life Ian. Ahhh ain't that nice!

And there's still time to join in in the giveaway here!

Have a great week all of you!


  1. When you said 30 min you really meant 30 min! LOL. You are very very welcome! Your number 4 made me laugh! And I am totally with you on 1 and 2!
    Oh, and I just saw there is actually a gadget for the next blogoversary?!

  2. Thanks for sharing a few things about you. Hoarders make great quilters, except we politely call it "stash." :)

  3. Very funny bits and pieces about yourself! Congratulations! You really think Midsommer Mruders are being overdone, I love it - love Lewis as well... Great Sunday afternoon TV!

  4. Congratulations on receiving the blog award!

  5. Glad to know about you!! I am a hoarder and crier also!

  6. Yeah for you, and yes She is a Sweetie that Sandra! She was one of my very 1st followers! It is nice too meet you :')