A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 9 December 2011

Occupy your sewingroom

Catpatches is having a do at her blog
Or rather, you're the one doing the action by occupying your sewingroom for a day this week.
So I thought I'd join in the fun and get these Christmas things ready.

Quilt # 1
After 45 min of quilting quilt #1 I cannot go on because I'm out of the right colour thread, yes upper and under!
Just a little bit to be quilted.

Quilt #2
I had already cut the fabric so this was just easy piecing, or was it?
It went wonky and wonkier!
So now I'll just leave that till after the weekend.
I'm afraid I'll tear it to shreds ... but perhaps I can restrain myself.
I haven't ironed it yet, perhaps that's it?
Sinterklaas presents:
This year I'll be home for Sinterklaas; he's our Santa. In the Netherlands it's usually celebrated around the 5th of December, which is his birthday.  It wasn't easy to pick a date on which we all could come. Our family is growing: two lovely boyfriends have been added.
So it'll be this Sunday afternoon.
And I have to get a move on, because I've put nearly all my time in the quilts mentioned above.
I'll show them to you next Monday.

Next project:
A quilt for my former colleage and friend Karin, who'll be sailing for the UK today to live with the love of her life: Ian. Good for her! She's going by car and by BOAT and it's stormy over here, so that's even worse at sea. But she's assured me she'll be fine: probably standing at the deck in the wind and rain all the time. Wishing her love and happiness!
Their quilt will be a surprise for her; well she knows they'll get one and she's told me the colours of their bedroom. Nearly the same as in my sewingroom! She's clueless about the rest and I'd like to leave it that way, till it's finished. I can't blog about it, cause she's a follower.
Patience please.

This week I received a package with the most wonderful fabric. I'm so thrilled!
What shall I make of them? Or just leave them in my cupboard and just take a peek every now and then?
Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden, from Farmer's Market and Meadowsweet 1 and 2.
Life is full of choices, some very hard.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice work on the Christmas quilts - I'm sure the second one will straighten up with a bit of ironing. Otherwise you can just cut it into submission. I love those Henna Garden prints too - my favourite is the dark brown one (not the speck, have to be careful not to get them confused), closely followed by the red. I need to order some more at some stage too - don't want to run out!

  2. You seem to have everything under control. Enjoy your Sinterklaas.

  3. good luck to your friend....it IS a little bit calmer here to-day!!LOVE your fabic xx

  4. I love your second quilt - I had my eye on it when you mentioned a week or so ago. And that choice of fabric is beautiful!

  5. loving all those quilts you have going on (including the one on the chair in the background!)

  6. Everyone occasionally wants to tear something to pieces, but it shouldn't be this. I am certain you will be able to square it up. Maybe with borders? I have pulled several quilts into shape that way.

  7. You're so busy.... And you're projects are wonderful.. As usual :) I hate it when I run out of thread and it must feel double bad being so near the end. But the quilt will definitely be worth the wait.

    Happy Sinterklaas tomorrow. Hope you and your family will have a good day.

  8. Hi, I just popped over from the Retreat Flickr group. I hope you're enjoying your Sinterklaas day, and have you thought of maybe a diamond shaped quilt for the red and white one? It would be totally unique...