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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 20 February 2012

Honey bun quilt + gift

Saturday I received this in the post. I won it! Kersten of FrozenKnickers wrote her 100th post and made a mini quilt of 17" square as a giveaway. It is absolutely cute!

The tutorial for this quilt in a bigger version is here.

A while ago I ordered these shot cottons for a baby quilt. The parents used brown and beige as the main colours in the baby room and did not want it to be too colourful. I had a look around for a nice pattern in all kinds of brown. I could have used the above, but somehow I love the grey and the happy colours in it. And it's very difficult for me to think of a pattern in different colours sometimes most of the time.
One advice on the net was to make your honey bun quilt from a jelly roll quilt pattern.
Great, but in the end I decided I wanted to use all colours and I loved this pattern by Kersten.
So I bought it, read it, read it again, and still didn't understand it. 
The only thing I'm slow at is making quilts (and cleaning LOL).
So I thought I'll make a jellyroll1600 quilt from my shot cottons.
Now I could use my Go! Cutter for the first time for a quilt!
It was so easy cutting 100 strips of fabric into 1.5" strips.
I also put in 5 strips of a greenish fat quarter with tiny peacock feathers as subtle othter colour.
And here's the result!
with guard dog!
I hasn't been ironed, I still have to clip all the loose threads (and there are many).
It's too big for a baby quilt, so I'll use my left overs for the back and it'll become a double sided quilt.
Maybe I can show you the final result tomorrow?
I have to hurry now!

See ya!


  1. Gorgeous! The grey background of the mini quilt really lets the colours in the squares pop out, and the strip quilt is lovely.

  2. Congraulations on your win - it's really cute. I saw the bigger version yesterday and immediately thought it would be a great project for using some stash :)

    Glad to hear you got a cutter - it would have been a lot of work cutting the tiny strips. Sewing the strips must have taken a lot of time too... but that doesn't countbecause thats what we love to do :)

  3. Hey Betty, what an adorable quilt you won! I'm happy for you. And I watched the video of the Jelly roll race - what a cool idea!!!! It's a good way of using a Jelly Roll you might not like anymore!

  4. Oooh, love the mini you won, and great choice for the use of those fabric strips

  5. Great mini quilt! And I love the pattern you used for the baby quilt.

  6. YAY!!! I'm only just getting around to posting a comment but I wanted to say how happy I am that you have it!

    Also, a name idea for you brown quilt...Sand Storm. :) I know, a little different but with all the brown and the AWESOME!! circular quilting, that's what my first thought was. It is a great quilt!