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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A reunion and Art

I suppose I have some catching up to do but I also have to tell you a lot this week, hence my 3rd post.
Last Sunday we've been to Amsterdam, the Mister, the pup and me.
While I was in the big and warm exhibition hall, they were outside: walking and waiting. And sitting in the car with the engine on because it was cold with a considerable windchill.
After and hour (and a half  ... ish) we went to another exhibition on a much smaller scale in a small gallery very near the centre of Amsterdam. As we entered this part of the town called "de Baarsjes", we were greeted with signs like these
Welcome to Amsterdam!
It made us laugh straight away.
We went on to the gallery where a very dear friend was waiting for us. She and I went to secundary school together, at least for 4 years and we had a lot of fun and I mean FUN.
As I entered I was greeted with a big hug! Yes it was good to see her again.
Funny thing is, I would've walked straight past her in the street. She was a little familiar, but her voice has changed (a little) she looks taller now (maybe it was the heels?) and her hair is very dark and curly  now. It used to be dark blond and very straight. A natural development, she said, and I believe her, and it is a big difference.

So we sat down, had a coffee and started talking again.
Funny that with some people you can just start again where you left off.
Well, to be honest, there were some gaps to fill: we hadn't seen or spoken to each other for 30,
that is THIRTY years. Yes that is a long time.

Then I had the time and patience to walk around in the gallery to have a look at her work.
I'd seen pictures of it and it didn't particulary appeal to me.
But on seeing it and seeing the true colours I was stunned!
I loved it!
And nearly every single piece.
But I was brave and after talking about it together, we decided to buy 5 small "Dutch tiles", these:

I wanted you to see as much detail as possible, but this is how they'll hang at home:

You can read more about Loïs here or about the exhibition in the gallery, here.

There's no more time to tell you about the Dutch Folklore Elfstedentocht, so I'll do that tomorrow.
Hope to see you then.



  1. looking goood! kom snel bekijken xxxxx

  2. Fun creations and how fab to reconnect like that!

  3. 30 years and you can talk again like you've just been together, that is a real friendship. I have some friends too who I don't keep in regular contact with, but when we see each other it's as if the conversation never ended - we just pick up again from where we left. Very nice. I love 'non needy' friends!
    And her works are lovely. Great purchase there!

  4. what a great way to spend the day ...liking your tiles xx