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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back home from FQCR in London

The names and faces are all echoing in my head and boy, did we have a great time!
Talking, talking and talking, and oh yes, we did some workshops too.

We started off by introducing ourselves in a really fast way: at the entrance we were all given cards with 6 names of people we had to find to get their initials. And it was a competition: if you had all the initials to the names you could enter the draw (for a prize of course). But some names did not match, like mine: Betty van Os is not the name it says on my payment to FQCR.
So it wasn't just: hi, I'm Betty and you're X? No, you're not on my list.
It was so great talking with people you only remembered by their blogging name!

Katy, Tacha, John, Briony and Lynne

Then John opened the Retreat and we all listened: so many people were soooo excited!

What followed were workshops; for me they were

Embroidery class with Aneela Hoey (above)

English Paper Piecing with Tacha (above)

Pippa working really concentrated here

Machine pieced placemat with Briony(2 above)

results of my class
Porthole technique with Lu Summers
A really easy and versatile tric I'd like to use in a quilt (someday). Lu was an enthusiastic and LOUD teacher which you need on Sunday afternoon in a very big assembly room.

Saturday evening we had a pub quiz where royals turned up and won!

Sunday afternoon all the Jelly Roll Challenge results were shown:

And the winner of the Iron Man Challenge was announced: the Royals again! They did have a very nice quilt!!

The result of my time is held up here (above) by Heather Noble, who fell Saturday evening and had to go to A&E ... Her ankle and pulse were (strained and) taped.
My energy Sunday afternoon was down to -10: my head was full!
My Iron Man Challenge team were working away and I just sat there ... completely drained!

Best pictures of the retreat, I think, are these:
Hunter with his mum.

Quiltdad with Hunter

Incredibly nice Laura sewing away at her porthole nr 4?
This is fabric someone made herself! it was stunning. But now I don't have her name, so if you know, please tell me

Caroline Walters' shoes: Dr Martens Hello Kitty!! How cool are they

Sponsors were:
Moda, Robert Kaufman, Aurifil, Oakshott, Abakhan and Korbond filled the goodie bags.
Sizzix came demonstrating their products, but somehow I missed that.
Pfaff for giving us 20 sewing machines to use, and you could even buy them at a discount after the retreat!.
Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics were having a contest of some sort, but I missed that (?) But I'll tell you more about Liberty tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Cute, cute star quilt. I really like that :) It looks like a wonderful retreat all in all. Hopefully I get to go another time :)

  3. Sounds amazing, I'm glad you had a great time. I'm not surprised you were tired by Sunday - it's very draining doing all that in another language. After a few hours of speaking/listening to French I get really tired, let alone two days! Looking forward to hearing about Liberty and if you have any thoughts on the Pfaff machines?

  4. thanks for sharing your photos and memories xx

  5. It was lovely meeting you Betty, see you again next year xxx

  6. It was a fab weekend wasn't it? Can't wait for next year!

  7. It was great to meet you, so glad you came :o)

  8. See you in 2013 with our bee quilts.

  9. And you forgot to mention you didn't travel alone! You were so fortunate to bring your super-friendly husband!!! It was a big pleasure to meet you two :o)

  10. Another great post Betty. You are very talented in just taking the right shot! Love them all!!