A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pfaff machine at FQCR

During the FQCR in London we could use Pfaff machines.
They sewed really well, considering it's not your machine:
Where is the lever to get the needle down!
You know, just the simplest things and you might think : what a lousy machine this is!.
But it's not: it's just not the machine you're used to.

Even though I only worked with it one whole afternoon, I think it's a good, solid machine.
The electronics went funny at some time (overload), but that was perhaps due to the many different hand operating the machine? Switching it off and on again and everything was ok again!

Here's a picture from this website

My own Janome 6600 always gives me a different 0.25" seam.
It looked very much like the Pfaff always gave the exact same result sewing with the 0.25" feet: my seams were perfect!
OK near perfect ...


  1. My Mom just inherited a Pfaff. I'll have to get her to give it a go.

  2. Perfect enough :) I have a Pfaff... Love my machine

  3. Very nice seams! Did you find it had a lot of room under it (to drag a quilt through) or was it fairly standard? Thanks for your thoughts on this machine!

    1. It has a (drag) space of 200 mm which is OK (mine has 225mm and I struggle sometimes but I'm not patient).
      It has THREE LED lights
      Look here
      to find ALL the details

  4. I desperately want/need a new "grown-up" machine. I cant decide though. Thankd for the little review.

  5. I considered the Pfaff when I bought my Janome 6600 but it was another $500(AU) and I was already over budget!