A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dead Simple Quiltalong by Lily's Quilts

Lynne started a quiltalong a while ago
At first I thought: another quiltalong where I'll stay behind or not start at all?
But then it was locked in my mind.
It's really very simple!
Choose some colours you like and then make a quilt of e.g. simple squares.

So I went to design seeds and had a look at some beautiful pictures, like these:

But then something like that was also possible with my own holiday snaps. You know, the ones that make you feel REALLY GOOD.
I chose a few and went to another site where you can upload your own pictures and get a colour palette:

The problem is I love them all, but I know I have to do something with this!
Which do you like best? Can you explain or is it just gut feeling?
Tell me, please.


  1. Love your vacation photos. I think I would pick the colors from vacation that are blues and browns. The contrasts are striking and the colors neutral enough to play well in just about any room. They make me think of fresh air and freedom to roam..

  2. Oh my! They all look good. My first favorite was the purpelish one just because its purple ;-) But then I thought that it might be too dull with the dead simple pattern. I think I like the 3rd from the bottom best now! Good contrast!

  3. I really like the heather (purple) colours. But for a simple square quilt i would go for bigger contrasts in colour like the 4th from the top. But i wouldnt go with those colours, i would pick them a little brighter and a little softer for more contrast. I use my gut feelings in picking colours, and i don't mind if the colours bite eachother a little.

  4. they are all lovely but I think my favourite is the blues and browns. What size quilt are you making (I decided not to particpate)and where will you use it? Will the answers to those two questions help you determine which colour palette?

  5. Do you have an ipad? There is an app that will do that with your own photos...

  6. Ik zou gaan voor de rode of de paarse.. Vooral omdat het mooie foto's zijn en ik echt dol ben op kleur!!