A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 3 October 2011

What I saw and did on my holiday (aka part 2)

Sorry to keep you so long waiting for the next pictures, but I've been ill for quite a few days.
But that's all behind me now, so here's PART DEUX
The holiday 'cottage' of week 1, when we stepped back in time in The Dales.
Nearly everybody uses coal ... That was new to us.

Shepard's Cottage

the coal 'monger'
A day to Thirsk where the real James Herriot lived and worked

Me sitting in the car that was used for the television series (don't you think I look a bit like Jo Brand?).
I don't have to pretend being as happy as a child ...
This series was one of the first acquaintance with the English language; so sitting here goes really deep!!

Then on to the Lakedistrict.
We had booked a yurt and were very excited about that!
Maybe a bit of glamping?
I had one photo of the yurt but now I cannot find it: I must have mentally blocked it out.
Perhaps this was a (huge) attributing factor:
I have never seen 'curtains' of rain like this, continuously falling down on people who would still set out for walks. I admired that a lot; or is it just foolish?

But it turned out the yurt was not our thing: you could contract a bladder inflamation just by looking at the toilet block (yes one). Two toilets for men and two for the ladies and a tap on site for water.
300 yards the other way were the showers, drafty too, but big and warm (we're spoiled by Danish campsites probably). After one night of hardly any sleep by both of us, we decided we were supposed to be having fun and relax on holiday ... So we booked an appartment in the city of York where the weatherforecast was much much better!

Guy Fawkes was born in York,
did you know that?
Harlow Carr in Harrowgate,
so much still in bloom.
 The Musician

Castle Howard, a must!

Yes a quiltmuseum in York in a beautiful building: the old Guild Hall. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photographs. Or more fortunate for you after this long list of pictures ...?

We had a lovely week in York, exploring and shopping ... I bought a few half metres of William Morris fabric. You cannot get that in the Netherlands and I LOVE IT. Even the Mister said: "Have a ball!" So I did! 
I haven't got I clue what to do with it yet, but it'll come to me and then I'll show you.

We also went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the weather was great and I was drugged (migraine).
Of an exibition by Jaume Plensa I want to show you this:

Thank you all if you're still here ...
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
I'll be back soon, because there's someting else I must show you, but it's not finished yet.

Have a great week!


  1. Ah, yes, "All Creatures Great and Small" is still playing on free-to-air TV here in Australia!

    When we were in England, my cousins drove us from London to York (and back) in one day - the only day we had rain in our three weeks in England!

  2. Hi Betty, thanks for showing me this - I love your video, especially of the lady's shadow while she touches the letters.
    That shepherd's cottage looks gorgeous. I'm with you when it comes to yurts, camping, backpacking, etc. Yes, I'll do it if I have to, but don't call it a holiday because it isn't. I don't go away on a holiday to stay somewhere crappier than my own house!! 5 stars all the way!