A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 7 October 2011

Explaining the name + a charity do

This week Dawn from as sweet as cinnamon asked many bloggers the same question: why's your blog called .... (whatever it's called)? There's a prize to win which is a bonus.

Maybe you would like to know why it's called ... what it's called.

Well, "Anything goes" is my motto in life.
It's not true, not really ANYthing is OK, but most is.
I try to be flexible in real life and it doesn't always work, but I try.
As for spending my time: I like so many things (sewing most of all) that I didn't know whether my blog would be about one thing or more. If so, about what? I just didn't know and I still don't.
It's about things I (want to) make/sew, people I meet, problems I encounter, music I like, books I ('d like to) read. Nothing in particular, so: anything goes.

But who is Betty van Os?
The Mister always called his girlfriends Betty, he said.
So he called me Betty, too.
I didn't mind because I knew I was/am THE ONE.
It was more some sort of a joke! If of any woman we couldn't think of her name, she became Betty.
So Betty was a very common name in our household. The children used it too.

Van Os is a construction: I chose it because it's the first letter of my family name and the first of my maiden name: O+S. My maiden name will remain a secret forever (I hate that name; it's only convenient in genealogy because you don't often find it).
I only added "Van" because I have that construction in my family name too in another variety.
My name is Marjolein den Oudsten, which is totally unpronuncable for those who speak English.
So, Betty van Os it became.
Now you know!

Now about last Saturday; I haven't even had time to tell you!
I went to a charity do in Amersfoort where you could sew quilts to be given to children in hospital.
It's called De Regenboogboom: the Rainbow Tree. And the quilts are called: Dream Quilts (droomdekentjes)

I worked on a quilt form 10 till half past 2 and I hadn't finished; no of course not!
I'll finish it at home. A lot of ladies came with big heaps of quilts: they'd been making these at home, by themselves or in a bee.
I'll also finish antoher quilt: it's made by a lady who supports the charity and has made lots of quilts for them. She has cancer which can no longer be treated, so 's not able to finish it.
It's a beautifully made quilt that only needs the border , basting and quilting.
I called her that evening when I came home: she asked me whether I would really give the quilt to the charity. All of a sudden she has to trust somebody she doesn't know.
It'll be allright: her quilt goes toe a child in hospital too, and the charity decides who it'll get.

At the end of the afternoon 286 quilts were accumulated: Great work ladies!


  1. Very interesting! Love the colours in the car and that quilt on the wall!

  2. You do know Germans love the Dutch language, right? I can figure out a lot of the meanings by just reading it! The story behind your name (Betty van Os that is) sounds a lot like mine. Maybe I'll play along, too. It's so great you are going to finish the quilt for that lady for charity!

  3. Yay for everyone who participated in the quilt-a-thon!

    I have joined in the "name game" too! It's fun reading everyone's stories!

  4. I think that you chose a fabulous name. I love all the bright colours in the quilts and the car.