A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Many names for a quilt

Good days, bad days, such is life.
I haven't been very busy sewing. I've been busy buying all the fabrics for the next quilt to make. One of my best friends would like to have "City Harbour" on her bed; she conferred it with her husband and they agreed on this one:

I'm still waiting for a small package to arrive from Oakshott fabrics: I'll make another brown/cream quilt for the company as they liked it very much. It might travel with them in their market booth!

I'm very grateful for all your suggestions to name that quilt:
  • Chocolate
  • Cut peat
  • Trees in Winter
  • Misty Woods
  • Weathered wooden Jetty
  • Chocolate Dreams in clouds of Sweet Cocoa, warm brownies and ice cream
  • Chocolate Hugs
  • Tiny Tumbleweed
  • Calming Movements (a book I'm currently reading on dog behaviour)
  • Zen Garden
  • Sunshine on a cloudy day
  • Over the Moon
  • Earth Quilt
  • Nature's Edge
  • Spinning Earth
I'll just keep this list of beautiful names for future quilts (who knows).
For the time being I think "Over the moon" is most appropriate, as the mom and dad will be too!
(although Tiny Tumbleweed was a great runner up!)

 Happy sewing and hope to see you again this week.


  1. Great name ;) City Harbour looks fun - enjoy!

  2. Thanks for your visits!
    The city harbor quilt is on my list as many more from Cherri’s book. Did you buy from Oakshott in the UK? I have been visiting their website and looooove all those colour stashes. I still regret I didn’t buy any from their shop at the EQC in Veldhoven last year.

  3. That's going to look great, and congrats on your travelling quilt!