A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Super shot cottons

There's a great online shop to buy your shot cottons you might have heard about:
I blogged about them before having made my Over the Moon with those cottons.

Over the moon, Oakshott cottons + 1fat 8th printed fabric
A Dutch lady asked whether she could buy online from Oakshott without having to pay tax duties like we Europeans have to do when we're ordering from the USA.

NO, the UK is part of Europe (though I don't think they feel the same way) and therefore you don't have to pay extra tax duties if you're ordering from within Europe.

There's shipping costs:
to UK - £3.35 (approx € 4,-) per order,
elsewhere in Europe - £7 (approx € 8,40) per order
Lynne blogged about this last week and has more details for ordering from Oakshott if you live elsewhere in the world.

I'm love the range of colours and I love the depth of the colours which you cannot see on a picture.

Have fun today sewing and/or otherwise!


  1. Gorgeous quilt!

    I had to laugh about the UK being part of Europe! As you might have noticed, I had forgotten about it... I feel so tempted to buy some oakshotts, well not some, but the whole collection!

  2. their fabrics are very good xx I think we feel the "water" between us keeps us slightly seperate xx