A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 5 April 2012

PPS 11

I joined up for a swap where you actually have to make something for someone else: love that!
The Potholder Pass Swap nr. 11
My inspiration is mainly to be diverse (anything goes LOL)

1. Baby Geese, 2. Potholder Swap, 3. Potholder, 4. Potholder Pass, 5. Potholder Progress, 6. Potholder Pass 5 (received), 7. MUGRUG RECEIVED FROM NEEDLEDMOM, 8. Potholder Pass, 9. Flower Fairy Mugrug...

And I also love Nicolette's inspiration board
There are so many beauties on Flickr!!

OK back to circular quilting; hope to have a finish tomorrow ...


  1. So glad you also joined up for the swap! Love your inspiration board, especially the birds and flying geese!

  2. Love all your inspiration, and yes, very diverse!

  3. Swapping is addictive. i hope you love it.

  4. Go to your picture in flickr and click on the "description" area, like you are going to write about your mosaic. This will bring up the HTML for the mosaic which you can then paste into your blog :-)