A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 14 November 2011

FMQ and more

In an attempt to practise more free motion quilting (fmq) I'll be joining the quilters over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting: Every Friday a new project.
The videos are all by Leah Day and by now she has so many videos and two books. I thinks the videos are most helpful. Gosh she makes it look so easy. But then, she also says : practise makes perfect.
More on that this Friday.

I have abandoned a few projects, though.
I joined the Farmers Wife Quilt along very enthusiastically but haven't even done one block!
So I've chucked it out as I'm not even going to start on it in the next year. Well, the book's still on the shelf.
As for the sewing by hand project (easy to take with you on holiday or in front of the telly) hosted by Lynne:

no, the hexagons didn't fit when I sewed them together and I didn't have the courage to unpick them all. Maybe I can go over it by machine? I don't think it'll look nice then.
I've abandoned that one too, but it'll keep brooding at the back of my mind.

Last week I got all of my Christmas Charms as promised by Emily from the Strawberry Patch.
Aren't they just beautiful?
I think I'll make a herringboneblock (look-a-like) tablerunner of them.

As for the rest of life as it happens over here: I've not been sewing at all these past 2 (3?) weeks because my head won't let me. If the migraines are not too bad or non existent I don't feel fit at all. So I'm more of a zombie at the moment, which was appropriate for Halloween, but not any longer!

I'm going to see a neurologist for the migraines and I'm sure I'll get the right pills this time.
And then I can really get started!

Now I feel good and I want to get some sewing done, so I can show you something on Wednesday.


  1. The FWQ I understand - gosh - just looking at the blocks is scaring from my point of view. They are wonderful but it looks SO difficult.

    The hexies - of what a shame - they look absolutely perfect. What line of fabric are you using? Is it terrain? I am normally not very pink but these are just superb.

  2. Oh dear! I hope you feel better very soon.

  3. I thought the hexies looked fine. Have fun with the FMQ and hope you'll feel better soon!