A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 28 November 2011

Today is a good day!

Yes, it is! I could quilt for a long time on my Christmas quilt and now it's nearly finished (positive thinking!!)
Bind & wash & finito!
I had a lot of fun doing that project and Flurry is such a happy set of fabric.
Here's the tutorial for the quilt, and here's the quilt:

in the sunshine!
like my pink quilting gloves?

Last time I blogged about not being able to keep up reading all those magnificent blogs, because there are only so many hours in a day. A lot of people recognized this.
What I've been trying to do ever since is to cut down on blogs by unsubscribing from the least interesting. You know, sometimes you start to follow and it turns out it's not your 'thing'. Or you signed up just for the giveaway?
But I found it very hard to accomplish:

Method #1
I read all my blogs through Google Reader: so I clicked on each blog to 'unsubscribe' Do you want to unsubscribe? Yes.

Method # 2
Go to the blogpage itself, to the section where all the follower's photos are displayed.
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So I signed in via Google
Then your own picture appears above all the other members.

Click on the triangle after Options and then click on Site settings
Another window opens where you can Stop following this site
Click on that.
And you're done, or so I thought.
It doesn't work.

Method #3
Put all those blogs you don't want to read anylonger in one folder, which I called X.
Doesn't work either, it just builds up.

Who knows what to do?

As for my blog birthday: it's very soon!
And not only cake and drinks go with a celebration, but also a giveaway.
So come back in a few days.


  1. If you find the answer I'd like to know too because I have tried to unsubscribe from blogs and it definitely doesn't work in Google Reader.

  2. Hi Betty, I shouldn't tell you in case you follow me and you delete me! Promise me you won't if you do?!
    Go into your blogger dashboard, and under your blogs, on the left there is reading list. on the right, there is 'view in google reader'. Next to that there is a little cog. Click the cog.It should say "manage reading list". From there you can click on 'settings' of a blog and it should let you stop following.
    Hope this helps!

    BTW, I read your ref to 'map' without registering. I speak Indonesian and they use 'map' for folder as it is from the dutch, but most english speakers wouldn't recognise it! :)

  3. 'map' is now a folder; thanks Laura!

  4. Hey Betty, your quilt looks wonderful! And I have the same problem with unfollowing! Remember me telling you I unfollowed like 20 blogs? Well, turns out it's not possible! Even Laura's idea doesnt help. I've tried everything. I found a forum for bloggers and it turns out that more bloggers have that problem. I am gonna write a post about it too including a link to that forum. Now, we have to wait for it to be fixed :(

  5. Sorry it is being so frustrating, but I'm also a little glad to hear that it isn't just me that can seem to unfollow! I'll be so glad when that starts working!

    Your quilt looks fabulous and your new pic is cute, too!

  6. I read through Blogger's Reading List. It works for removing myself from "following this site".

  7. That quilt is beautiful! And yeah to pink gloves quilt... May have to appear on my Xmas wishlist..