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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Monday, 7 November 2011

Quarter inch tutorial

On the web I see the most fantastic tutorials, in fact that's one of the first things I'll spot on a quilting blog.So it's about time I joined in!

Most tutorials are about quilt blocks or how to tackle a certain technique itself. Some are about the basics of sewing, like this one about unpicking seams. Hang on, everybody knows how to unpick something. And when I actually did read it, I learnt something new!
So I hope you'll have the same AHA-moment here.

There are many tutorials on the quarter inch seams, here's one and here's one, but this one comes closest to my approach.

Let's start with a roll of masking tape; I mean the kind of tape painters use: easy to take off and cheap. Cut through 10? to 15? layers of tape with a sharp knife.  Then about 2" further you make a cut as deep as the first one. We need this 2" chunk of tape later on.

Next is when a quarter inch foot is really handy. When you've got something like it, attach it to the foot of your machine. Mine looks like this:

Now for the measuring part. I put my smallest ruler right next to the quarter inch foot; I really push it against it.
 Then I put my needle down to see where it touches the ruler.

If it's to far off, I adjust the position of the needle on my machine: I move my needle to the right so it fits a scant quarter inch.
I adjust the needle position with the - + button: by adjusting the width of the stitch the needle moves to the right (that's what I want here)

When all is set, get your masking tape and tear it off the roll (always easier with two hands):

Stick this chunk right next to your ruler and press down
The best thing about this chunk is that you can really push your fabric against it, which (sometimes!) makes pinning unnecessary.

Press down

Remove ruler
You can see here how battered my machine is ...
But it wasn't me! I bought it second hand.
And start sewing!

One more tip:
I check this every day before I start sewing: I take my ruler and push it against the foot. I let the needle down and check whether it's still right and sometimes adjust it.
Because I know it can change overnight (leprechauns in the Netherlands?)

Have a great week!


  1. Leprachauns in the Netherlands...niet te geloven ;-)

  2. Thanks for some great tips! We have the same machine!

  3. Love this idea! My 1/4" foot broke (I have the same one and the black metal edge fell off). I will get some today TODAY!! :)