A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 18 November 2011


Yes, I finish! And I was really in need of one. This is made from a layer cake and a charm pack of Flurry by Kate Spain. I followed this tutorial and it was quite easy. 
The top is done and it needs to be basted and quilted, which I'll start today. Haven't decided how to quilt yet: stippling or straight lines.
I bought the same solid light green for the backing yesterday.

Christmas quilt top ready and displayed on my mobile designing board in our hall.
Kati from the blue chair has made me paused to think.
Her last post on blogging realling made an impact on me.
I'm sometimes reading more blogs than actually getting any sewing done. I was following 72 blogs!
That just takes too much precious time! Yes even though I don't work my time is precious too (I just don't always realise it). Even now: I just missed going to Pilates class because I'm stuck on some of those blogs. It's sometimes getting in the way of life and that's not what this is all about!
I want to sew, have fun, a finish every now and then and some inspiration.
So I've ended my subscription (through Google Reader) for a lot of big blogs: they won't miss me. I now follow 25 blog and that's enough.
That feels good!

On a personal note (as if the previous wasn't personal).
Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend about this song we heard on the radio; I wrote about that song before. Well it was played at my father's funeral.
He died 8 years ago today and I can still cry my eyes out (but not all the time).
I'd just brought back my mum from hospital after she'd been through quite a tough spell in (the operating) theatre. He was so happy to have her back home.
That night he had a massive heart attack and died instantly: quick and at home, just like he'd wanted it.
Life goes on and a lot of things have happened since: good and bad (such is life).

As we're speaking of dates: my one year blogging anniversary is coming up in two weeks. I'll have to think of something nice to all you followers. A party at my home with cake (a cupcake party)? Or we all meet for a drink in town? Or something less strenuous on your part?
I'll think of something.

I'll be trying to link up to a Sew and Tell somewhere, but on the other side of the ocean everybody's still asleep.
Yes, linked up to Amylouwhosews here:

And she's back!
Crazymomquilts Finish it up

Wishing you a wonderful weekend: have fun whatever you'll be doing!


  1. I follw 165 blogs - it certainly keeps me busy reading and commenting! I think you're right; I try not to let it get in the way of my sewing time.

  2. Love your quilt.

    I totally understand about hour dad. Mine died the same way just over 9 years ago. I don't cry as much as I used to, but I do miss him.

  3. Oh Betty, thanks for sharing! I've been so frustrated lately and upset with myself for only reading blogs and not getting anything done (even the more important things than sewing!) I went to read Kati's post since i dont follow her blog and she is absolutely right. I do go through my blog list once in a while and try to cut down on it. And a lot of those big blogs that post great things every day do make me feel wierd. So good for you! What you did takes strength!
    Your quilt looks great btw. Hope you wont be sad all day long. And a cup cake party sounds lovely. I'll come by ;-) Wont take me any time to come to the Netherlands! I'm off now deleting blogs from the list ;-)

  4. I'm missing someone special to me too. snif. Thanks for sharing about time - always a good reminder. And congrats on your finished quilt top - it's beautiful!

  5. Beautiful quilt top! I love the circles! (Oddly enough, my blog post today was about a different kind of circles!) Saw your blog at Sew & Tell - Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the link to the quilt tutorial. Your quilt looks happy!

  7. Kate Spain makes my happy, and your quilt makes me happy too! What a great way to showcase some cute holiday fabric :) I just cleaned out my Google Reader too, and it felt good. Now to get off my computer and get sewing! Visiting from Sew & Tell!

  8. Your quilt top is beautiful! I love it! Thank you for sharing so openly about what's been on your heart. It's good counsel.

  9. I blog hop all morning when I am not inspired to sew or scrapbook, it definately takes a lot of time.
    Love, love, love the circles.

  10. Great finish...the quilt is so fun! I understand about needing to keep up on your own projects rather than so many others. There is so much inspiration out there that sometimes it's easy to get sucked in. Thanks for sharing! Smiles~beth

  11. Love the quilt! Thanks for the link. I've been looking for a circle quilt and this just might be the one.

  12. Hi Betty,

    Lovely to see a fellow Dutch quilter!
    You did such a wonderful job on your quilt!!
    I follow way too many blogs myself, but I'm one of those that feels like I'm missing things if I don't subscribe.

  13. I love your quilt top. I know what you mean about blog reading. I always feel as if I should keep up with everyone on my blog roll but then I get no sewing done! I think you're right. We need to be selective :)

  14. What a beautiful finish! Good for you!

    I "follow" many blogs but must admit, I don't actually read them all, all the time. I pop in now and then, here and there, but like you said, there is so much more to do with our time. There has to be balance.

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your father. No matter how long it's been, it's always painful. {{hugs}}

  15. Your bright and cheery quilt top makes me smile. The circles look amazing! Hope the quilting goes well.

    Sorry about your dad. My mom has been gone for a very long time (30+ years) and I still miss her. I feel your pain.

    Thank you for linking up and for sharing your heart. Now I'm off to check out your links.

  16. What a great quilt top! I'm intimidated by circles.

  17. I love your Christmas quilt! Did you applique the circles after you sewed the rectangles together, or did you use some kind of curved piecing voodoo to sew the circles inside the rectangle patches?

    See, now I've just found your blog (from Sew and Tell Friday, which I love to read but can never participate because I never seem to be FINISHED with anything). And I'm nodding my head, thinking, "Eureka! Just think of all the sewing I could get done if I got up and walkeed away from this computer right now!"

  18. Gorgeous quilt! I just love "Flurry" the colours are so pretty and you've made such a beautiful quilt with them.

    I'll admit to having the same trouble of sometimes spending more time reading blogs than actually sewing. I realize I have to set some limits so that I will get more sewing accomplished. Thanks for the link to Kati's post. Happy sewing, Betty!

  19. So many thoughts reading your blogpost... First of all congratulations on a great top. It's happy, bright and lovely. You said you had more Kate Spain plans than your hexagons... and you really did.

    About reading blogs. I know what you mean by following too many. It doesn't take many days offline before I loose the overview and end up doing a massive 'Mark all as read' and thereby miss the few posts I really want to see. Maybe a little clean-up is in place :)

    And finally - the loss of a dear one is something you live with always but never really recover. A big giant virtual hug is coming your way...

  20. Prachtige quilt! Mooie kleurtjes ook zeg. It is indeed a wonderful world!