A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tidying up, part 2

I'm so sorry for not blogging earlier, but an unexpected migraine got the better of me.
So you couldn't find me again ! in the Small Blog Meet or Fresh Sewing Day all hosted by Lynne: I'll be there again in December!

In the meantime, about 10 min. a day, I have been able to finish what I started. At last!
So, from this:

To this:

What a relief!

If you're wondering what the picture on the wall is in the last picture: it's a picture of Mousehole in Cornwall I took a few years ago. I love those colours.

I found a few WiP's:
1   Movin' on up: top needs finishing.
2   Starry Sashings: top needs finishing.
3   Red yellow green: border needs to be added, then it can be quilted
4   disappearing 9-patch christmas quilt: quilting needs to be finished.
5   My Asterisk quilt: haven't acutally found it, but needs more work.

So I'll know what I can do the rest of the week, if my brain'll let me.

Have a great (rest of the) week!


  1. Looks super! I love the colors in this room and your machine...I have the same one...

  2. Bravo! Doesn't it feel good to conquer mount clutter?! Sorry about the migraine. Glad it is gone.

  3. Irene van der Maar2 November 2011 at 21:13

    wooow how long did it take? two days? :D (or ten minutes) (die win snap ik niet helemaal..)

  4. Oh wow! you have done a brilliant job! Want to come and finish mine? LOL

  5. Love the photo - is it the church at Paul? my step daughters' great granma is buried there as it's not far from us.