A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Battling & winning!

I was struggling to get this one quilted.
The top is made of sleeves of old shirts: I had 5 or 6 usable 1.5" strips from 1 sleeve. And some (red) strips came from a dress, all from the thrift shop. The white is from a curtain I wasn't ever going to hang up anywhere.
The back (read: problem!) is a fleece blanket from IKEA: nice and soft for a play blanket for a friend.
Here is my result after 4 times unpicking the stitches because the d*** thing kept making waves on the back. If I won't get anymore 'waves' I'll be glad.

The front is beginning to look nice (also).

You can see the circle I drew as a starting point for the initial idea of quilting the bugger, but that was impossible for me: turning the quilt without making waves at the back ...
I'm sure it'll be gone after I've washed it.
The only problem I've had, once I had the first few lines in (the quilt), was my thread.
I was waiting for a bobbin to be filled with thread, when my machine stopped. Look at this:
A knot in my Aurifil spool?
Yes, definitely! (and I didn't make it)
Well, it's all done by people and people make mistakes ...

OK All my guns reloaded: I have to get back to the battlefield now!


  1. Love the quilt top and the upcycling of course!! Great minds think alike!

  2. I hate that....even more so when it is done in a skene of yarn. Not much to be done about it though.

    Great quilt!

  3. Great way to use old clothes - I like it! I made some quilts for my kids too with a fleece backing and I had the same problem. It shifted and stretched lots, in the end I just gave up being upset and finished them. They're not perfect (by a long shot) but they are super snuggly and drape so nicely, so it's not all bad. And of course the kids love them and don't care a stitch for the ripples.

  4. Hmmm... I made a couple of fleece (thicker fleece though) and never had this problem. Seems strange. I can understand you couldn't do circles but straight lines should work fine. Lovely quilt despite it though. Nobody is perfect. Not even Aurifill :)

  5. Good luck at the battle front! I back a quilt with flannel earlier this year and I swear I battled it as I quilted it!!!

  6. I love this quilt and especially since it is an upcycled one. I`m saving my son`s shirts to one day make in to a quilt for him. Good luck with the quilting!