A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 26 July 2012


The March for Better Weather was attended by about 30 people last Saturday in Amsterdam, I heard, I didn't go there. And it worked: we've had wonderful weather the whole week.
I hope they'll march again this Saturday.

Our garden is a beautiful mess:

Lots of bees, bumblebees and butterflies though, but not all very colorful. Angus enjoys it so I guess it's all right (2 acres is just a very big garden).

As for quilting news: I've joined one Bee: the Honey Bee of the FQ Kinky Bee (so many wanted to join!) This one has actually started and I'm going to make blocks from this fabric, which came in a bag with a very familiar (Dutch) shop logo this time. All Denyse Schmidt.

Then an invitation came along to join the Sew EuroBee-an Bee: also an off spring from the FQCR (London). I'm looking forward to the start of that one.

And now, just because Cille advised me to,  I've also joined the 3x6Bee making STARS.
We'll be making all sorts of stars (I suppose). I'm such a nincompoop (does anyone still use that word?) at these things for lack of experience. But then every Bee can be different although there are RULES of course, which can be a lifeline.

By the way: my friend was very happy with the quilts I made her baby Roana and son Jesse.

On the home front there's also news (I thought I didn't have a lot to tell you!). Our oldest daughter is in the Carribean fighting crime (drugs) and having fun on the beach.
Our oldest son is in Moscow for a few days and then on to St Petersburg. He's visiting his Russian girlfriend and is having a great time (he told his dad via Facebook).
Here they are with their dad.

On the way back home, we saw this car, wagging its tail.

Happy quilting or whatever your plans are!


  1. I do so hope theyt march again!! lovely pictures of your family xx

  2. forgot to say... thanks for the laugh with the car xx

  3. You're right - 2 acres is a lot of garden! We have only 780 square meters and it can get on top of us!

  4. Your garden is beautiful!

  5. Great job on the march then gang, think you could visit Scotland next?

    I'm thinking you need to visit your kids and tour the world. Just in case they need you or something ;o)

    Loving the wagging car :oD

  6. Glad your friend liked the quilts. Who wouldn't!