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A blog about quilts'n stuff

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Opening Ceremony

The Mister and I were glued to the telly during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.
We were very impressed, we enjoyed it and we were in awe!
When I caught a glimpse of the last preparations and saw 'farmers' working in a "field",  I thought: this is going to be dumb: we'll have Morris dancers too?!
I'm so glad I was wrong!
The build up to the Industrial Revolution, the forging of the rings, the fire! 
The singing of hymn "Abide with me" brought me to tears: so beautiful, so full of restrain, not out loud. And the dancing during that song was impressive too.
The people that were chosen to carry the flag! All peace workers, you might say.
So it's all about the sports (& having fun), not the politics.
You know that, but now it was super obvious!
Mohammed Ali being there, touching the flag.

I won't relive the whole opening for you; perhaps you have a different view.
Just the relay of the torch: Steven Redgrave and others to the 7 upcoming talents.
And how they lit the Olympic Flame.

Picture posted with Elizabeth Harkin's permission.
More of her pictures here.


  1. We watched it too. In one word...security...God is on His throne, the Queen is one hers and all is well.

  2. I tried to watch it... But it was way to late for little me so I fell asleep and only woke up when it was all over :(

  3. I didn't watch it, but I've enjoyed watching the sports that have been on - can't wait to go in person on Friday to the rowing :o)

  4. It was amazing!! London did very well!

  5. I so enjoyed it xx the cauldron wa so so wonderful x

  6. It's good to get a view from not Brits - I wondered if you would get it all. I know I struggled with some of it! But the lighting of the flame and the cauldren were great! Shame the queen looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp most of the time!

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