A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to quilt this

I'd meant to enter this quilt in a competition, but the competition is cancellled due to life-threatning illness. So now I can do with it what I want, but that's just it.
It was already finished in March, when I showed it to you here
When the competition was cancelled, the need to 'get a move on' was no longer there. And I've been thinking all that time :
what do I want with it?

leave it as it is?

add a border?
(it would be about this wide
but my quilt is bigger than my design board)

 I've already got the backing, so at least that's sorted.

How should I quilt it?
Lines from (over) the middle?
Should I quilt the star in a different way from the green surrounings?
What would you do?

I really would like it to BE quilted ...
Therefore I entered this competition by the very generous Chelsea.
There's still time for you to enter as well!

Who knows and all my (or your) problems will be whisked away!
And while there's still time I'll be linking up to Freshly Pieced WiP, hosted by Jess.


  1. Ohh I might enter yes ... but first to your question how to quilt - my ideas (why is it easier to comment on someone elses quilt than to make up your mind about your own?)
    1: I like echoquilting on stars (then you would need a border)
    2: let the star stand out, pebble quilting in the green and maybe wide echoquilting in the star (maybe even the individual diamonds)
    3: free motion tiny little stars all over ...
    (oups my lunch break is over - back to the history folder for me)
    oh just one last idea: contrast programm with circles - either on big with the center in the middle - or 8 overlapping circles with the tip as middle - or 4 with the corner or the middle of the center square as center and then meeting, not overlapping

  2. Could you quilt over the star with blue thread that would go with your border?

  3. I do think that definitely some sort of border would be good. If you can put a small border in that same background green around, that would help the star stand out more. Then bind in the colours of the star (either one or scrappy) if you don't want it to get too big. If that's not a problem, you could go with colour borders around after the green or a large border (after the green) with bold pattern in the same colours (large flowers or something and then bind in pink. Soooo many possibilities! But I do think it needs a bit more green to make the star stand out first.

  4. I will be interested to see what you choose to do with it.

  5. I like the idea of starting in the centre and chevronning out with the quilting, echoing the star points, and continuing into the green. I'd not bother with a border in a different colour if it were me, but if you had more green, I might be tempted to add a few inches all round.

  6. I'm not that experienced when it come to quilting, but my initial idea was to echo quilt each parallelogram towards its center (I can send you a sketch if that doesnt make sense ;-)

  7. I like the idea of unifying the star with quilting that separates it from the backing too. Have you thought of hand quilting as well? You could do it bed in case you get sleepy :))
    I'm sure whatever you decide will be spectacular - good luck for the competition!

  8. I would add a small border :) I would quilt it in a star pattern from the centre and quilt it quite densely