A blog about quilts'n stuff

A blog about quilts'n stuff

Friday, 13 July 2012

We were in Ankum

In case you'd missed me, I treated my hardworking husband (& myself) to a few days abroad.
We drove 2 hours, arrived in Ankum, Germany, where I'd rented a Norwegian wooden house.
30 years ago a building contractor wanted to build a holiday park full of these beautiful wooden houses, but then he went bust and just two model houses remained.

Henk and Annet, the owners built an extension on the left, south side.

It was wonderful!
The weather was great and we cycled all day Saturday. On E-bikes: bicycles with a turbo boost if you need it: electric power. The first time it felt like I got a gentle push in my back to get me going.
It was great in this somewhat hilly landscape: where I live we don't have any hills, except ancient burial mounds. Or man made hills to build a church on in case of spring tide flooding (from the sea).

To me Germany is a country of unknown beautiful villages with old croocked buildings
Church in Ankum, street & Church tower in Quackenbr├╝ck
Cycling through the countryside.
I love walking of cycling through a landscape like this with everything nearly ready for the harvest.
Sausages of course and beautiful works or art
(but I could be talking about France or the UK here, substituting the sausages for wine or chips) 
sausage takeaway shop sign, George slaying the (3-headed) dragon once again; both in Bremen
Joyful graveyards, full of flowers and some beautiful tomb stones.
Real strawberries in the field and the blue stems of wheat.
Henk and Annet are Dutch and speak English and German. They're also very very good at making you feel at home: pro's in hospitality!

I'm sure you know these guys from Bremen ....
If not, read all about them here

Next post will be about quilting again, promise!
Have a great weekend.




  1. Great way to travel :) I often think the not very structured holidays are the best. I love going to a place I don't know and just discover the quirky places, beautiful places, historic aspects... and with a little luck perhaps a great food store. Looked like you had some great days. Glad the weather was ok.

  2. Thank you! For years I've wondered what the stacks of animals are all about. Now I know!

    Looks like you had a lovely time.

  3. It looks lovely Betty, especially the house. I love Germany, although its years since I've been there

  4. I have a German relative so know about the animal stack story. What lovely pictures of your fantastic get-away. I really love that house you stayed in, what a pity he didn't get to build them all. Although if there were tons all stacked in on top of each other they might not seem as pretty. I love that sage/duck egg blue kind of colour it's painted.

  5. Lol, Norwegian houses in Germany, owned by Dutchmen, love it :oD Glad you had such a great time though :o)

  6. Great pictures, looks like you had a great time!

  7. What a nice place fora relaxing holdiay. I didn't know the story of the animals, so I've learnt something new!